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Based on the business rules and state requirements such as lowest price, best quality, price and quality combinations, Planner analyses all the tariff sheets from all the carriers and produces the optimum route plan. This analysis can help identify additional margin opportunities, along with increased control of the quality of the network, which in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction. This saves time and money, it helps reduce errors and helps maximise margin. Planner can cater for different routing plans within the same network. Planner can also be set up so that your interconnect partners can load their tariff sheet information directly to the application themselves, again saving you more time and easing the whole process of loading route and rate data.

Accurate Network Monitoring Tool providing real-time traffic volumes and quality (ASR, ACD), carrier and trunk traffic routing, email and SMS alerts, trunk utilization, graphing and reporting. Drill-down to individual phone calls allows for excellent fault diagnosis as well as aiding in dispute resolution. StatPak, a light touch non-intrusive solution, can also act as an excellent independent revenue assurance tool. StatPak collects and analyses every CDR from your switches to give complete accuracy. Users can access the system by web browser, desktop widgets and Smart Phone interfaces.

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We not only sell a mature full suite of products helping you deal with the daily work in telecom business, along with Control Centre you are getting full support and assistance of our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Our engineers will advise you on the system requirements and will perform the installation of the suite and the integration with your network. Control Centre is independent of the types of switches you use and CDR formats they produce. We will configure the CDR feeds for Control Centre to collect all Call Data Records from your network.

Even before starting to use the system, you have access to all our online video tutorials. You can also get an online demo from our staff who will be happy to answer all your question.

In your daily work you can always skype, phone or email our Support Team to get immediate help.

Your Control Centre system is constantly monitored by our automated tools and by staff who are ready with help to solve any problems as soon as they may occur.

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Novatel Systems is an international software development company with over 15 years of experience. The company mostly operates in the telecom bussiness area offering its products and services to customers in many countries all over the world.

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