NRS is NovaTel’s state of the art, SIP Redirect Server. Based on RFC 3261 it can be used as a routing server for any SIP Network. The NRS Server can be easily integrated with any switchsupporting RFC 3261 30X based Redirect.

In the past, large amounts of routing data were required to be uploaded to the switch to effect routing. This put undue load on the switch and was very time consuming. With NRS, uploading of bulk data to the switch is no longer required. This reduce the load on the switch. Also provision of huge amounts of routing data to NRS is extremely fast, resulting in routing changes being effective almost immediately.
NRS is a part of Control Centre Suite and integrates seamlessly with Planner Module for generating LCR Plans.

Never again miss out on hot offers from your suppliers when immediate route change is required.
Never again worry about loss making calls.
Never again feel limited by your switch. With NRS there is no limit on number of dial-code breakouts, routings and LCR plans.

NRS Benefits:
  • Super-fast Routing Updates
  • Reduces Load on the Switch
  • Operates on standard hardware
  • Fast, Robust and Reliable
  • High Availability
  • Fully Scalable
  • High Performance
  • Standards Based for interoperability
  • Unlimited LCR Plans
  • Unlimited number of routes
  • Unlimited dial-code breakouts
  • Easy integration to SIP compliant switch
  • Zero cost integration
  • Failover and redundancy built in
  • Block negative margin calls
NRS Features:
  • 250 Call Attempts per second/per NRS server
  • Standard Routing
  • Percentage Routing
  • Percentage Routing with back up carriers
  • Optional prevention of negative margin routing
  • Multiple Route Plans
  • No limit of number of routes
  • Unlimited dial-code breakouts
  • Seamless integration with Control Centre
  • Real Time logging
  • Standards Based
  • Web based rich client GUI for easy access
  • Standards Based for interoperability
  • Failover and redundancy built in
  • Web GUI for route trace capability
  • Detailed call logging
  • High Availability
  • Fully Scalable
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