Novatel Control Centre Suite

The NovaTel Systems application suite set was designed with our customers' business and operational requirements paramount in their inception. In many instances the customers have been involved in the applications genesis.

NovaTel has developed the Control Centre Application to assist Telecommunications operators, carriers, service provider and ISP's in the continuous task of reducing operational costs, increasing revenues and reducing customer churn through improved levels of satisfaction.

To align our applications with our customers' business operations we have divided our applications into the following key operational areas:

Least Cost Routing (Planner)

Planner enables the fast and accurate production of route plans from large numbers of supplying carrier's tariff tables and route plans. Planner saves significant amounts of time and cost, as well as helping in identify new revenue opportunities.

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SIP Redirection (NRS)

NRS is NovaTel’s state of the art, SIP Redirect Server. Based on RFC 3261 it can be used as a routing server for any SIP Network. The NRS Server can be easily integrated with any switch supporting RFC 3261 30X based Redirect.

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Route Performance Analysis and Management (StatPak)

StatPak is a powerful route and carrier traffic analysis application that enables the user to fully monitor and understand the traffic as it flows through the network, providing real-time and historical data upon which important business decisions can be confidently made.

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Mediation and CDR Distribution (Mediator)

Mediate collects data from the entities that are integral to your telecommunications network. The collected data contains information that describes service delivery and / or usage over the network.

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Switch Management (Switch Adapter)

Switch Adapter enables a totally automated switch control environment, notifying the operators when actions are taken. They also provide a controlled environment for non-switch engineers to carry out basic operations. All such transactions are logged for future review.

Revenue Management (Money)

Money assists in the financial management of the business. Money is a Revenue Validation application which provides real time route margin monitoring and analysis to aid the day-to-day decisions in traffic management to help maintain route profitability. Money provides detailed real-time route and carrier profitability information; as well monitoring suspense calls and rating each call that passes across the network.

Pricing Offer Management (Sales Manager)

Sales Manager is an application helping to manage customers' pricing offers (rate sheets) and enable service providers to define their pricing policies and automate their client pricing offers. By actively monitoring rates and margins, service providers can ensure their target prices are achieved and minimise the risks of under bidding.

Real-time Network Monitoring and Alerting (Alerts)

Alerts is an application which sits on top of the other Control Centre applications and provides various alerts for these applications. Depending on which applications are available in the suite, different Alert formulas will be accessible.

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Novatel Systems is an international software development company with over 15 years of experience. The company mostly operates in the telecom bussiness area offering its products and services to customers in many countries all over the world.

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