Based on the business rules and state requirements such as lowest price, best quality, price and quality combinations, Planner analyses all the tariff sheets from all the carriers and produces the optimum route plan.
This analysis can help identify additional margin opportunities, along with increased control of the quality of the network, which in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction. This saves time and money, it helps reduce errors and helps maximise margin. Planner can cater for different routing plans within the same network. Planner can also be set up so that your interconnect partners can load their tariff sheet information directly to the application themselves, again saving you more time and easing the whole process of loading route and rate data.

Without automated tools, carriers find themselves using excel to deal with large amounts of rate sheet data from carriers to create routing plans. This can take days to produce a plan and is very prone to human error. Planner eliminates all of this hardship. It only takes a matter of minutes to produce a well formed and optimal routing plan.

Destinations, dial codes and rates can be viewed together in one unified view. Sophisticated analysis of dial code mappings detail the full range of overlap types and allow operator to avoid potential threats and exploit available business opportunities.

PLANNER Benefits:
  • Complete control over routing, even down to specific phone numbers
  • Enables rapid response to changing market conditions
  • Significant reduction in cost of termination
  • Increased Profitability
  • Optimises your margins on voice traffic
  • Eliminates negative margins
  • Improved quality of phone calls
  • Deep analysis of supplier codes to alert to threats and take opportunities
  • Minimises human error
  • Better utilization of limited resources
  • Lowers Operational Costs
  • Reduces manual effort
  • Intuitive user friendly GUI
  • Planner integrates smoothly into the rest of Control Centre
PLANNER Features:
  • Automatic generation of routing plans
  • Creates routing plans governed by user defined business rules
  • Business rules can include price, QOS, network topology and capacity
  • Preview of route plans before implementation
  • Standard and Percentage Routing
  • Include/exclude suppliers and destinations from any plan
  • Manual override available to force routing
  • Easy drag and drop control of routing
  • Full Overflow configurability
  • Generate future route plans
  • Dial Code Management and Analysis
  • Configurable Excel Readers handle diverse carrier rate sheet formats
  • Automated importing of Supplier Rate sheets
  • Ready visibility of increases and decreases in new supplier rate sheets
  • Supplier rate data can include effective period for a rate
  • Web based rich client GUI for easy access
  • New supplier rates are automatically checked against current routing and user informed of new routing opportunities
  • Full error and sanity checking of imported rates
  • Easy rollback of wrongly imported rate sheet data
  • Unified views for simplified price and dial code analysis
  • Predict effects of pricing changes on future routing plans
  • Routing automatically updated to the switch through Switch Adapter
  • Full control over Trunk / Carrier traffic distribution
  • Full auditing of all routing plan changes
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Automatic upload of current exchange rates
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