StatPak is a powerful Network Monitoring Tool enabling Telecom Carriers to monitor their interconnect business. StatPak provides accurate real-time reporting on traffic volumes and quality (ASR, ACD, NER, ABR...) both for incoming and outgoing voice and data traffic, grouped by destination, carrier and trunk group.

StatPak is a light touch non-intrusive solution which can act as an entirely independent and low cost revenue assurance tool. Because StatPak collects and analyses every CDR from your switches, it is able to give completely accurate reports on both answered and unanswered minutes broken down by destination and originating or terminating carriers.

StatPak provides excellent tools for the time consuming process of dispute resolution where there is disagreement between the operator and an interconnected carrier. Powerful reporting tools allow the user to slice and dice the date, enabling reporting right down to individual phone calls. Be able to quickly access the data you need to prove your case.

StatPak Benefits:
  • Real-time unified views of network performance.
  • Immediate feedback and assurance that the profitability negotiated is profitability actually delivered - StatPak closes the loop.
  • Cost reductions through the matching of network usage to capacity, "just-in-time" network development and reduced wasted advance expenditures.
  • Draws early attention to any quality problems, provides early warning of customer satisfaction.
  • Verifies SLA performance. Key Customers: Access to their statistical data
StatPak Features:
  • Displays traffic profiles by carrier, country and trunk group
  • Displays answered and total calls and minutes from/to any selected carrier or country
  • Provides comprehensive FIND, SORT, FILTER and GROUPING functionality
  • Monitors carrier quality using ASR and average call holding time (ACHT) information
  • Highlights bandwidth utilisation graphically
  • Compares actual to planned routings (LCR)
  • Monitors ASR profile throughout the day in 15-minute increments
  • Gives real-time updates - as timely as CDR delivery
  • Offers easy, company-wide access with full security features
  • Displays data in multiple formats: (Numerical, Graphical, Fully exportable)
  • Highlights busy hours and average call holding times
  • Monitors NTS traffic (type, customer, phone) Alerting function may be configured to monitor: (ASR - relative change or absolute thresholds, Capacity, ACHT)
  • Drill-down to individual phone calls
  • Integrates seamlessly with Switch
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